Think Big, Start Small: How to Differentiate Instruction in a Brain-Friendly Classroom

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Presentation Part 1: “Begin with the Brain: Three Things New Teachers Need to Know

Brain-Compatible Element # 1 - LESS STRESS!!

  • Stress, and Perceived Threat can minimize the brain’s capabilities to learn
  • Create a Safe and Secure Climate and Environment
  • Avoid the REFLEX Response: Inclusion & Physical Environment 


Brain-Compatible Element # 2 -  DO THE REAL THING

  • Neural Plasticity: Multi-sensory experiences promote brain growth and connections
  • Provide Enriched “Learner-Centered” Environments for learning
  • Encourage First Hand Experiences, Discovery Play and Meaningful Engagement


Brain-Compatible Element #3 - USE IT OR LOSE IT!

  • Multiple opportunities to Actively Process new learning assures Long Term Retention
  • Differentiate Instruction, Provide Choices, Vary Grouping and Honor the Multiple Intelligences
  • Orchestrate opportunities to apply new learning in real-world experiences


Presentation Part 2: “Think Big, Start Small: Differentiated Instructional Strategies That Work!”

  1. Managing the Differentiated Classroom: Systems & Procedures – The Key to Successful Differentiation.
  2. Build up a repertoire of practical differentiated strategies to: 
  • Engage Learners: Get students’ attention using novelty, movement, and humor. Keep them engaged using variety, relevancy and meaningfulness. 
  • Explore the Concepts and Skills: Learn a variety of ways to differentiate tasks and vary how students process what they are learning. Learn ways to adapt, modify and tier lessons so that all students are working on challenging tasks. 
  • Extend Learning: Discover ways to challenge highly-capable learners with lateral enrichment. Learn how to set up Anchor Activities for students who finish assignments early. 


Short Descriptor:

Successful teachers keep the brain’s natural learning abilities in mind. Expand your understanding of brain-friendly teaching strategies with an enthusiastic veteran ‘neuroeducator.’ Learn how stress and perceived threat, lack of inclusion, and chaos in the classroom can minimize learning. Discover how multi-sensory experiences in an enriched environment can promote brain growth and development. Build up your repertoire of differentiated instructional strategies to help students actively process new learning to assure long-term retention. Learn new techniques to engage your students as the presenter models the strategies. No matter what grade level or subject you teach – you will gain tons of ideas from this popular presenter. 

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Differentiation and Personalizing Learning for All Students

 Differentiation and Personalizing Learning for All Students


Presentor: Sally M. Reis
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Webinar Overview: When teachers use both personalization and differentiation of instruction and curriculum, they are able to meet the diverse needs of students of all achievement levels.  Using both differentiated content and instruction, teachers can meet the needs of a variety of learners in their classrooms through multiple approaches that modify instruction and curriculum.  In this session, a rationale and specific examples will be provided about why and how educators can meet the needs of all students by differentiating learning activities, and challenging and personalizing instruction and content for all students.


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Real Discussions about Response to Intervention


Workshop Time: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Registration time: 8:30 am
Registration fee: one-day $175 ($150 for Texas ASCD members)

Response to Intervention is uniquely implemented in each district.  This session is designed to enable the participant to examine the philosophy of RTI development and implementation that best matches their local practices.  Participants will be asked to share the guidelines and process of RTI in their district and to identify challenges of RTI implementation.  Time to develop a problem solving approach to the challenges will be included.

The session will be developed around the following principles:

  • RTI is a process, not a document
  • Understanding district philosophies about special education and intervention are paramount  to the successful design of a local RTI model
  • Skills/content included in tiered instruction should be clearly identified
  • Analysis of data and is the foundation of tiered instruction
  • Time is a critical element in the implementation of RTI
  • District standards for student performance must be established
  • Student performance using classroom interventions must be documented
  • Consistency and communication are underlying attributes of successful RTI implementation
  • RTI development and implementation is a journey and must be monitored and reviewed

Who Should Attend:  Administrators, Principals, Directors of Assessment and those involved in tiered instruction.

Begin with the Brain! Orchestrating the Learner-Centered Classroom

Workshop Time:
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Registration time: 8:30 am
Registration fee: $175, $150 for Texas ASCD members for a one day session
$349, $299 for Texas ASCD members for a two day session

Please contact our office at 512.477.8200 to schedule this institute at your location.

This engaging seminar provides valuable information about three key elements of Brain Compatible Teaching and Learning. Recent research about how student’s brains grow, develop and respond to the environment should influence our classroom practices. Understanding some “brain basics” can give educators guidelines that will help them design truly brain-compatible classrooms and school environments. Participants will gain specific practical strategies to help reduce student stress, discover systems and procedures for effective classroom management, orchestrate opportunities for differentiated instruction and learn a variety of strategies for grouping students. Discover how to create a brain and body compatible environment that will bring the JOY of learning into their classrooms!  Creating a climate and environment that is conducive for learning is the foundation for success.

Learn about the 3 Key Elements of Brain-Compatible Learning:

  • When the brain reacts to stress and perceived threat, its capabilities are MINIMIZED. Maintaining an emotionally SAFE and SECURE, and a physically HEALTHY environment is vital for learning!
  • For POWERFUL LEARNING to occur, the brain must be stimulated in multi-sensory, ENRICHED ENVIRONMENTS.
  • To assure long-term retention, the brain must ACTIVELY PROCESS new learning. Using preferred learning styles and intelligences, the learner can REFLECT, COLLABORATE and MAKE CHOICES. 

Who Should Attend: Classroom Teachers, ESL, Instructional Support Staff, GATE Teachers, Specialists, Student Teachers and Administrators!

Instructional Strategies to Hook Every Learner: A Differentiated Instruction Stimulus Program


Workshop Time: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Registration time: 8:30 am

Registration fee: $175, $150 for Texas ASCD members for a one day session
$349, $299 for Texas ASCD members for a two day session

Please contact our off ice at 512.477.8200 to schedule this institute at your location.

A whole day of practical strategies teachers can use in their classrooms right away! Already convinced that differentiated instruction is necessary in today’s diverse classrooms? Come fill up your “teaching tackle box” with dozens of ideas to help you modify, adapt and extend your basic lessons. Learn dozens of ways to integrate clever, engaging activities to help your struggling learners, as well as strategies to provide enrichment for your highly-capable students. Expand your knowledge of the Multiple Intelligences and discover how you can ‘hook’ every learner. Be ready to actively participate, network with other teachers, and go home motivated with ideas you can use on Monday morning!

A few of the strategies you’ll walk away with:

  • Mini-books, flip-books, pop-up-books,
  • 2-D and 3-D graphic organizers,
  • Game show formats,
  • Hand jives, rhymes, and mnemonics,
  • Partner and small group tasks,
  • Movement and energizers, and
  • Creative drama, living tableaux, role-play ideas.

Who Should Attend:
Session is designed for K-8 classroom teachers, specialists, GT and resource teachers.


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