Active Literacy


Presenter: Jeanne Tribuzzi

Workshop Times: 9 am - 4 pm
Registration Time: 8:30 am
Registration Fee:
One Day Institute: $175 ($150 Texas ASCD members)
Two Day Academy: $349, ($295 for Texas ASCD members)

For more information of to schedule this workshop at your district cal 512-477-8200.

Establishing the components of an effective literacy program is a structural cornerstone for improving student performance across the grades and subject areas. Jeanne Tribuzzi will facilitate hands- on experiences as participants view models of best-practice curriculum and instruction, focusing on the foundational levels of literacy, literacy across all levels and disciplines, and skills needed to be critical consumers and creators of media.

Participants will:

  • Identify ways to establish a rigorous literacy program to benchmark and increase student performance in K-8 literacy, as well as in the content disciplines
  • Create process and product expectations to allow for flexibility and consistency within a language arts program
  • Integrate active literacy strategies across the disciplines to equip every teacher as a language teacher
  • Expand articulated curriculum to include the components of 21st century literacy


Designing the 21st Century Classroom


Workshop Time: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm (Two-Days)
Registration fee: $349, ($295 for Texas ASCD members)

Please contact our office at 512.477.8200 to schedule this academy at your location.

Workshop overview:
“Education is serious, but that doesn’t mean it has to be grim.”  “I don’t think we’re in Kansas any more.”  “Schools are killing creativity.”  These quotes by William Glasser, Dorothy (Wizard of Oz) and Sir Ken Robinson illustrate the philosophy of 21st Century Schools which is incorporated into all our professional development and curriculum design.  The way we are educating children worldwide must change, and this is why:

Diversity - Globalization and immigration have created a society of increased diversity. Old and new social issues demand an informed, concerned and empowered citizenry.

Standardized testing mania has made meaningful curriculum an endangered species. Find out why it's not an "either-or" situation - you can still teach the way you know you should and your kids will excel on their standardized tests! Read the research!

Technologies and Multimedia – our students were born into a media-saturated world.  Utilize these 21st century tools as the vehicles to implement your curriculum!

Media Literacies - Rapid developments in technology have brought many exciting changes to life in the new millennium, presenting new challenges for schools. Multiple new literacies are required to navigate the “forest of signs and symbols” of our globalized media culture. (Douglas Kellner, UCLA)

In this workshop we will address these issues, and more, as you . . .

Learn Curriculum Design and Classroom Strategies to:

  • Meet the needs of your students – differentiated C&I,
  • Bring your classroom into the 21st century,
  • Exceed the standards,
  • Raise standardized test scores,
  • Maintain meaningful, authentic curriculum!


Greening the Classroom and the Curriculum


Workshop Time: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm (One-Day Institute)
Registration fee: $175, ($150 for Texas ASCD members) 

Please contact our office at 512.477.8200 to schedule this academy at your location.

Workshop overview:
Discover how an integrated curriculum and enriched school environment link student learning and well-being and enhance student understanding about the natural world.  As John Dewey said more than 100 years ago, school lessons should be tied to the values and skills of the “real world”. 

Find out how to design a school, a classroom and a curriculum that is good for children AND ensure that, in this era of NCLB, content standards and 21st century knowledge and skills are learned to higher levels.  From school gardens, kitchen classrooms, and the lunch room to biodiversity, the environment, cultures, history and more – the content and connections are all there.   See real-world examples of what schools around the United States and the world are doing.  Receive an up-to-date list of excellent resources and current research to help you design your unique Green School and Classrooms.

Attend this one-day institute to learn the answers to these and other questions:

  • What is "green" education?
  • How do we create place-based curriculum?
  • How can my students meet their content standards and achieve high test scores through "green" education?
  • What about standardized testing?
  • How can I use "green" education to create a 21st century classroom?
  • What are some specific activities and projects I can do with my students to teach about nutrition, food, gardening, and various environmental issues - from food to alternative energies?
  • See examples of what other schools, teachers, students and communities are doing to make their education rigorous, relevant and real-world through Green Education.



Meeting the Challenge of Curriculum Alignment


Workshop Time: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Registration time: 8:30 am
Registration fee: $175 ($150 for Texas ASCD members)

Please contact our office at 512.477.8200 to schedule this academy at your location.

Summary: Curriculum Alignment is a process that ensures the written, taught, and tested curricula are nested, coherent, and research-based.  This session will explore the essential steps of curriculum alignment within grade levels and content areas of the TEKS, while also uncovering "points of integration" that are aligned between content areas.   Participants will experience the steps of alignment as well as explore a plan to create systems in districts and schools to support this process through focused professional development experiences, the development of leadership layers, and data analysis.

Who Should Attend: Administrators, Principals and Classroom teachers


Understanding By Design and Differentiation: Connecting Content and Kid


Workshop Time: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm (Two-Days)
Registration fee: $375, ($325 for Texas ASCD members)

 Workshop overview: In this workshop, we will explore the following questions: Can differentiation and standards really co-exist? How can we address required content standards yet remain responsive to the differences and varied needs of our students? How does the “backward design” approach to curriculum planning inform differentiation (and vice-versa)? What’s do we want all students to come to understand? How might we responsibly differentiate student assessments and still obtain valid measures of learning? Can we maintain standards without standardization? How might a grading and reporting system communicate standards-based achievement honestly and fairly?

Session Topics:

• how does the “backward design” approach to curriculum planning;

• inform differentiation of instruction and assessment (and vice-versa);

• apply criteria for selecting curriculum priorities and determining content worthy of deep understanding;

• apply criteria for selecting curriculum priorities and determining content worth understanding;

• use essential questions to frame curriculum and focus on “big ideas”; • examine a continuum of assessment methods to use in assessing the degree of student understanding;

• explore ways of differentiating performances of understanding;

• identify appropriate criteria to use in judging differentiated performances of understanding based on the six “facets”;

• apply the W.H.E.R.E.T.O framework to design engaging and effective differentiated instruction;

• design or refine a differentiated unit of study using the Unit Design Template;

Target Audience: Teachers and administrators at all levels





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