Preparing our 21st Century Students


Workshop Time: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm 

Registration fees:  
One Day Institute - $275

Please contact our office at 512-477-8200 to schedule this workshop at your district.


Preparing our 21st Century Students

We all know our students are living in the 21st century. But it’s not clear that we are preparing them for the challenges they will be facing in their 21st century lives and careers. As educators working in schools and districts, we need to be on a path to change our education models including curriculum, instruction, assessment and professional development, so what goes on in classrooms is really preparing our students for what lies ahead for them.

This workshop, “Preparing our 21st Century Students,” will cover :

• The importance of the 4 Cs (critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity) • The value of the “7 Steps” to becoming a 21st century school or district
• Best practices of schools and districts around the country
• Valuable resources for moving 21st century education forward

• Opportunities for school and district teams to interact with one another and develop action plans to move 21st century education initiatives forward in their own schools and districts

Please join us for what will be a very interactive, engaging, and valuable session on 21st century education with one of our nation’s leading experts on the subject.


Math in an Age of Computers


Workshop Time: 9 am to 4 pm
Registration Time: 8:30 am
Registration Fee:
One Day Institute: $175 ($150 for Texas ASCD members)
Two Day Academy: $349 ($299 for Texas ASCD members)


For more information or to schedule this workshop at your district caii 512-477-8200.

How might we teach Math in an age where computers can do computation better and faster than we can by hand?  Should we be spending so much time having students do hand calculated computations that they do on a computer in real life?  What are math textbooks good for?  How might we restructure the learning to involve problem finding and no just problem solving?  Is it possible for a student to score well on a math test and not understand how to solve a problem in everyday life? Can students be doing much more complex math problems at a younger age?  Come to explore how we might approach math differently.


iPads For Authoring and Mobile Instruction

Target Audience: K-12 intermediate/advanced users
Workshop Times: 9 am - 4 pm
Registartion Time: 8:30 am
Registration Fee:
One Day Institutes-$175 ($150 for Texas ASCD members)
Two Day Academy- $349 ($299 for Texas ASCD members)
Please contact our office at 512-477-8200 to schedule this workshop at your district.

If you already know the basics of how to set up an iTunes account, and use common features of an iPad, but are now ready to consider how to manage sets of iPads in a classroom and transform your class into a mobile learning hub, this session is for you.

  • Creating an acceptable use policy. Will students be able to set up email accounts, have multiple accounts, share files, etc
  • Learn how to manage apps. Will the devices be managed as a set with the same apps on a set or used as individual devices
  • Learn how to reshape student roles for 1:1 or 1:world
  • Develop lesson ideas that use the iPads as creation devices rather than consumption devices
  • Create epubs or books that can be viewed on an iPad .
  • You must bring your iPad, connector cable, laptop with iBooks creator and Lion OSX  (preferable) or if you don't have Lion, have Pages software loaded on your laptop.  


iPads for Creation and Instruction For Learning

Target Audience: K-12

Workshop Times: 9 am - 4 pm
Registration Time: 8:30pm

Registartion Fee:

One Day Institutes - $175 ($150 for Texas ASCD members)

Two Day Academy - $349 ($299 for Texas ASCD members)


We will look at how the role of the teacher and students changes with iPads. How does mobile learning change everything? What structures of learning can or should change when students have access to mobile devices? Other topics we will cover:

  • Learn to find ratings, categories, reviews of apps before you buy them
  • Find forums and user groups to see on going lesson ideas
  • Create and build a group wiki so teachers have a place to see what others are doing and read how they are using apps/ mobile devices.
  • Explore Apps for collaboration
  • work in groups to “rewrite curriculum/lesson plans” to consider if/how apps can be used to create transformative lessons.

Please contact our office at 512-477-8200 to schedule this workshop at your district.

Successful Solutions for Technology Integration in the Secondary Curriculum

Workshop Time: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Registration time: 8:30 am
Registration fee:
        One Day session:  $175 ($150 for Texas ASCD members)
        Two Day session:  $349 ($299 for Texas ASCD members)

Please contact our office at 512.477.8200 to schedule this institute at your location.

Summary: Today's students must be prepared to utilize technology in a variety of situations after they leave the K-12 environment and enter a university or the work force. In order for this to occur, teachers are assigned the task of adding technology into their already crowded lesson plans. We have taken curriculum that is currently being taught and enriched the lessons by adding technology components. The activities that will be demonstrated have been kid-tested in classrooms across the country. Attendees will leave with a variety of technology-infused lessons which can be adjusted to fit various grade levels and subject areas. Content that will be addressed includes: lessons utilizing Microsoft Office products, the Internet and Inspiration.  The atmosphere for the session will invite people to ask questions, share their knowledge and contribute ideas. The presenters will offer creative ideas that will assist educators provide unique opportunities for their students.

Comments from previous attendees:

  • “Fabulous workshop – I’ve come away with so many wonderful, new ideas!”
  • “You have given me some great ideas to add to my “bag of tricks”!  Thank you!
  • “I have a five hour training session to do in August even before the staff has to be back.  I cannot wait to use all of your amazing ideas during my training.  I would have paid hundreds of dollars for the info you have given me.  Thanks so much!”
  • “Your presentation has been very informative, helpful, useful and well-paced.””
  • “What an incredible number of ideas and suggestions from A to Z.  I’ve been doing staff development for many years and am appreciative of all the new ideas you introduced today.  Thanks!”
  • “Excellent resources!  Wonderful presenters!”

Who Should Attend: Administrators, Principals, and Teachers


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