Preparing Students for High Stakes Testing in Science

Preparing Students for High Stakes Testing in Science

Are you prepared to prepare your students to pass any of the high stakes tests they have to pass? There are many things you can do throughout the year besides teaching them to analyze a multiple-choice question. Look at year long to weeks before strategies that will prepare your students to pass.

What does a good review look like?

How can we use the released STAAR test as a tool for review?

What role does metacognition play?

Come get the answers to these questions.


Contact Texas ASCD at 512-477-8200 x10 to discuss bring this training to your area.

Starting STEM: First Looks & Steps for K-5

Workshop Time: 8:30 am - 3:30 pm

Registration Time: 8:00 AM

Registration Fees: One Day Insitute: $175 ($150 for Texas ASCD members)

For more information or to schedule the workshop at your district call: 512-477-8200.

The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) inititive and focus in education is gaining ever-increasing interest from educators. STEM programs and resources abound for middle and high school levels, but what about STEM for our earliest learners in kindergarten through grade 5?

This one-day session will take participants through a day of examination of what STEM is, looks like, sounds like and can do for students in K-5. District and campus leaders and teachers interested in getting started in STEM will have opportunites to define and refine their understanding of STEM and learn about current programs and practices at the elementary level. Participants will also explore connections and resources that link STEM and 21st century skills essential for student success.

Join us for a hands-on, minds-in day of learning the landscape of STEM, starting points for your district or school and implications for your students’ success.

Starting STEM: First Looks & Steps for K-5 participants will:

-develop an clear understanding of what STEM is and is not as it relates to K-5 learners
-participate in hands-on examples of STEM reflective of best practices and 21st century skills
-learn and explore specific K-5 STEM programs, resources and ideas for district, campus-level and  
classroom levels
-construct a working plan of first steps and beyond for their district, school or classroom

 Target Audience:

-Curriculum/Program Leaders
-K-5 classroom teachers

Contact the Texas ASCD office at either 1-800-717-2723 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to bring this workshop to your area for a summer or early fall training.

Riveting Exploration in Science - K-12



Workshop Time: 8:30 am - 3:30 pm

Registration fees:
One Day Institute - $175 ($150 for Texas ASCD members)


Please contact our office at 512.477.8200 to schedule this institute at your location.

Riveting Exploration in Science

Summary:  This one-day session will take participants through an examination of what hands-on, minds-on science should look like, and sound like, and what this can do for students, Grade 4-8th, using standard based strategies to connect across all contents. Participants will develop an overall understanding of what you, as the expert, want your students to come away with at the end of the lesson. These inquiry based lessons will guide participants in determining what student to know and be able to do. This structure will guide student in investigation and question strategies to get the most out of every lesson. This session will feature performance expectations, graphics, and other metacognitive aids that can be used by teachers and students alike to guide and assess growth in the use of language through science activities. Through the Connection of literacy we will show how teachers can use practical classroom techniques for combining science and language literacy at different grade levels.

Riveting exploration in Science, uses tools to make every classroom engaging for students,while building foundational structures across all content. This session will use research based instructional strategies, formative assessment processes, current best practices in science, all connected to literacy. Participants will have opportunities to experience hands-on, minds-on science lessons, from pre to post preparation. Participants will take away some great tools and tips to use with students, as soon as you return to your classroom.

  • Examine levels of complexity of student driven questions.
  • Improve student writing by supporting students to deepen student understanding.

Students will use investigated data to formulate and write a conclusion support to support their findings. This session will allow teachers to give the ‘power’ of learning back to the students

Who Should Attend: Grades 4-8 Science Teachers, Science Coordinators, Instructional Specialists & Administrators

STAAR Chemistry Preparation Workshop

Workshop Time: 8:30 am - 3:30 pm
Registration fee:
For One Day Institute: $175 ($150 for Texas ASCD members)
For Two Day Academy: $349 ($299 for Texas ASCD members)

For more information or to schedule workshop in your district, call 512-477-8200

Target Audience:

  •  Science Supervisors
  •  High School Chemistry Teachers and Administrators

The Chemistry End of Course Exam is here!

This spring, students will take the end of course chemistry exam. Success on this exam is required for graduation. Stakes are high for students, teachers and schools. More rigorous student expectations will be assessed multiple times and in multiple ways.

Join us for a hands-on, lively workshop designed to address the urgent and critical needs of high school chemistry teachers and students. Teachers will return to their classrooms better equipped to support student learning and achievement.

Utilizing the 5E instructional model and cooperative learning strategies, teachers will practice and receive lab-based activities designed to address TEA Chemistry STAAR performance descriptors. Opportunities for extension and remediation will be included for each activity.

Don’t miss this opportunity to develop a deep understanding of the Chemistry STAAR test, and the skills students will need to be successful!



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